The summer of 2007 PBL Enterprises will be offering a summer service for all pipe groomer machines. The service includes the list below plus all service bulletins and updates. The basic service is $2450.00. Parts and component repair services will be additional.

  • Haspel inspection, bent or broken parts will be repaired or replaced.
  • Check the run out on the haspels to check for bent stub shafts.
  • Balance the turbine.
  • Take oil samples of the gearboxes to read contamination.
  • Inspect the stub shafts for abnormal wear.
  • Main body inspection, look for unusual cracking or stress.
  • Gearbox mounting plate inspection, look for unusual stress.
  • Chute ring inspection, look for unusual wear.
  • Chute rotating motor and bushings.
  • Change oil in all the gearboxes.
  • Inspect the finisher for tearing or ripping.
  • Inspect the turbine for unusual wear.
  • Check drive transmission bolts and seals, replace if necessary.
  • Check the drive motor and grease spline, check the accumulator.
  • Inspect the wire harness for worn or damaged areas.
  • Inspect vert gauge for function.
  • Inspect all hoses and fittings